U.S. Anti-Rape Clothing Trigger Online Debate (VIDEO)

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A company in New York, U.S. has created a line of "anti-rape" underwear for women who want to feel more secure. Anti-rape clothing like running pants and travelling shorts were also designed to "frustrate" attempts of sexual assault or rape.

The anti-rape clothing protects women with tear and cut-resistant straps on the thighs and waist. The straps can be tightened and locked into place. Once the wearer secures the straps, the clothing cannot be pulled down unless the wearer will unlock the latch. The anti-rape clothing works like a modern-chastity belt complete with a combination lock.

According to the makers of the special clothing, no combination is the same. New York-based company AR Wear turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise the funding it needs to launch the anti-rape clothing in the market. The company needs $50,000 to achieve its goal.

The concept of "anti-rape" underwear has been criticised for being a symbol of victim-blaming. Other people remarked that men should be taught not to rape women. Some noticed only white-skinned models were featured in the product's promotional video.

People also questioned how medical staff can cut through the clothing in case of emergencies. Women who will wear the anti-rape underwear may have trouble unlocking the latch in the bathroom when drunk.

However, women who want better security welcome the idea of anti-rape clothing. It is useful when walking alone at night or travelling to certain countries where the risk of assault is high. The anti-rape clothing is meant to increase a woman's level of security and peace of mind.

The news of AR Wear's anti-rape clothing has sparked an online debate with blogs and social media sites quickly catching on. One writer said in her article that wearing anti-rape clothing is a physical reminder that a woman is expected to protect herself from potential sexual attacks.

AR Wear had made it clear in its pitch that the rapist is the only one responsible for the rape. The company also believes that when women wear anti-rape clothing, they are sending a message to attackers that they are not consenting to rape.

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