Uruguay’s Footballer Luis Suarez to Star in The Walking Dead Season 5 and 6: Zombie Jokes Spread like Wildfire on Internet

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If you can't beat them, just eat them. This is probably a cool zombie mantra, however it fits perfectly with Uruguay's football player Luis Suarez's actions on the field. After his biting act, he has become the latest zombie meme. Latest tweets reveal that he is going to star on "The Walking Dead" Season 5 and 6 as a walker.

The Internet is making fun of Suarez biting Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during 2014 FIFA World Cup match.

No matter how much fans want Suarez to join the league of zombie, "The Walking Dead" bosses are in no mood to cast him as a walker.

Twitter has been buzzing with Suarez "The Walking Dead" jokes.

Check out some of the priceless and hilarious tweets below.

"Suarez to leave Liverpool. He's been offered 200 grand a week by AMC to appear on The Walking Dead. #Suarez," tweeted @lmonaar with a poster of "The Walking Dead" featuring Suarez along with Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Michonne, Lori, Maggie Greene, Hershel Greene, Steven Yeun and others.

"So have they banned #Suarez yet. Producers of The Walking Dead wanna know if they can put him in season 5," tweeted @LifeisSavage along with a morphed screenshot of Suarez eating Chiellini's arm.

According to reports, FIFA has suspended Suarez for nine matches as well as banned him for four months.

He has also been slapped with a $112,000 fine.

In the future, he will not be allowed to enter any soccer stadium for four months. Apparently, this is the longest suspension in the history of World Cup for an incident on the field. In the past, he had been punished twice for biting players during the match.

In TWD related news, "The Walking Dead" Season 5 without Suarez airs this October on AMC.

Share your thoughts about these internet jokes and memes. Do you want Suarez on "The Walking Dead?"

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