Upgrade Microsoft Windows XP: Have Peace of Mind With Your OS And Get $50 Freebies

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It's time to upgrade your Windows XP, have peace of mind with your OS and get a bonus of $50 worth of freebies.

As the "death" of Windows XP gets nearer on April 8, now is the best time to do the updates. Otherwise it will be too late. Remember, it will be too risky to keep on using Windows XP after April 8 as you will be vulnerable to viruses, cyber criminals and hackers who can anytime go into your system, fetch your data and use them. Whatever it is, it will surely not be favorable to you.

Sweet Offer

Microsoft has been sending off warnings to XP users to ditch their Windows XP by doing upgrades to Windows 7 or higher. If the threat of bad elements does not scare you, Microsoft is also putting some sweet offerings with its $50 freebies if you purchase a new unit with Windows 8.1.

Good News

According to Microsoft's announcement, XP users who will purchase any of the 16 various Windows 8.1 computers will have a $50 gift certificate from the Microsoft Store. The good news is that some of these machines are relatively inexpensive. The touchscreen laptop Asus VivoBook X200CA-9BCT sells at $279. There is also Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet 32 GB which costs $229.

The deal starts now upto April 30 or until supplies last. Microsoft said it is good to take advantage of this along with these come "chat, free premium phone, sales support for virtually anything you need" on the newly purchased Windows 8.1 machine for you for the first 3 months or 90 days.

A $50 gift card may not be so tempting for the stubborn lovers of Windows XP. But it is a sweet touch for those who are already thinking of jumping from the dying operating system.

If you are still weighing between getting a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine, this deal is a pretty good decision factor. If you are comfortable with Windows 8.1, this actually sounds really good.

Having a new machine means you will not see the annoying "Run from Windows XP!" pop-up from Microsoft again.

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