UPDATE: Sue Wilkins, Woman Filmed Making Racist Rants At Train Passenger, Called Children ‘F- Bogans’ [VIDEOS]

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Update: The name of the woman at the centre of the racial scandal is Karen Bailey, according to news.com.au. Bailey previously said that her name was Sue Wilkins.

Sue Wilkins, the woman who was filmed going on a racist tirade against an Asian woman on a train, first targeted children. According to the children’s mother, the 55-year-old unemployed woman called her 10-year-old and seven-year-old children “f****** bogans.”

It was first reported that Wilkins was verbally abusing an Asian women after she told her children not to give up their seats for Wilkins. However, Jade Marr, who was on the train with her three children,said Wilkins was initially angry at her kids.

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Marr brought her kids, 10-year-old Kendall and seven-year-old Jackson, watching the “Lion King” stage production in Sydney on Wednesday. They were with her mother Julie Phillips, as well as her sister and her children when they boarded the 4:15 pm train to Newcastle.

Phillips was sitting with three of the children on one seat in the packed train when Wilkins approached them.

“She walked straight on the train, looked at my mum and said ‘get your f****** bogan children off the seat,’” Marr told the Newcastle Herald on Thursday. “Then she said, ‘there are people here that need to sit down, I want to sit down.’”

Wilkins then started swearing, responding to Marr’s request to stop by “screaming the f-word in my son’s face 10 times. She said ‘you need to learn this word kid.’”

She also apparently threatened to call the police on the children for not giving up their seats for her.

“I wasn’t going to make them move, I wasn’t going to allow them to be bullied into something,” the mother said. “The kids did the right thing and I really didn’t want them to see someone doing the wrong thing get their way.”

The kids eventually moved, but for two elderly women and not for Wilkins.

When a passenger began filming the incident, Wilkins turned her attention to the others, particularly to a woman of Asian descent and a man sitting beside her.

In the video, Wilkins can be seen mocking the Asian woman’s accent and pulling her eyes to mimic the woman’s eye shape. She called her a “gook,” an offensive term referring to a foreigner of Asian origins, and told her to go back to her own country.

The other passengers stood up to Wilkins, telling her to shut up, but Wilkins didn’t want to stop. She also insulted the man beside the Asian woman, calling him a bogan who couldn’t get an Aussie girlfriend so he settled for a gook.

The man, who said in the video he is married, hasn’t any association with the Asian passenger beside him.

Wilkins, 55, has since apologised, explaining to ninemsn that she knew what she did was wrong, but she was just fed up after she was conned $100,000 by a Dutchman she met on a dating site.

She was taken to Wyong police station and charged with offensive conduct on Thursday night.

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