Update Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.4.2 KitKat Plus WiFi Calling Support

By @peevesky on

Sprint rolled out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to its Galaxy Note 3 users in February. This time, the US carrier has released a new KitKat update that provides WiFi support. The minor update can now be installed in Galaxy Note 3. Users only need to follow the right instructions to get started. 

Sprint has rolled out the WiFi calling support to other devices apart from the Galaxy Note 3. In fact, the carrier has issued a similar updater for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Galaxy Mega back in February. Previously, the Android 4.4 KitKat update offered a series of new and improved features to the Galaxy Note 3. 

These include immersive mode, cloud printing, transparent status bars, white status bar icons, emoji support and transparent navigation bars. It also offered TouchWiz UI improvements. This time, the carrier mentioned that the latest update will provide Galaxy Note 3 owners with "WiFi Calling" support. The new update goes by N900PVPUCNC5. 

Similar to other updates, the N900PVPUCNC5 OTA update for Galaxy Note 3 Sprint will be rolled out in several stages. This means some users may receive notification later than others. It will also be a couple of days before others can download and install the software. 

Users will know if their devices are eligible for the update once they see a pop up notification about the update. The process is easy. Users only need to save the file and install following download. The smartphone should be rebooted. The device should run the update after. 

There are also instances when the firmware update becomes accessible following manual check. Users can see if they can already install by opening Settings. Go to General then open System Update. Choose the Update option to begin installation. People can also check with KIES. Just connect the Galaxy Note 3 device to the computer though USB cable. 

Users are advised to download the update through a stable WiFi connection. This can help avoid extra data charges. It is also best to check with Sprint for additional announcements and instructions about the update. Roll out should be completed soon.

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