UPDATE: Proof Kristen Stewart’s Ex, Robert Pattinson, Never Dated Riley Keough in Photo, Model Breaks Silence Denying Robsten Affair

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A photo posted online proves that Kristen’s friend and co-star, Riley Keough, will never allow herself to be romantically involved with Kristen Stewart’s ex, Robert Pattinson. And Elvis Presley’s granddaughter finally breaks her silence, denying she’s the redhead woman taking K-Stew’s seat in R-Pattz pick-up truck as alleged when a photo came out last June 29, 2013.

"The Runaways" star had a picture taken at Roosevelt hotel in Los Angeles last July 1, 2013. What was telling in the photo was Kristen’s very close friend, CJ Romero, being with her as they were enjoying some afternoon fun last uly 1, 2013. The photo showing Riley’s selfie was shared on Instragram with caption from CJ that said:“Hey, sexy lady, @ Roosevelt pool with @drkeough…,” and one more friend.

The photo was already deleted from CJ Romeror’s account, @cjscissorhands. But it was saved by Kristen’s devoted fan in an attempt to “educate” and refrain everyone from writing stories without checking the facts, one which the writer calls, “fabricated news.”

The image was used in an article published last July 2, 2013 to prove that rumours about Robert hooking up with Kristen’s friend, Riley, have been fabricated and an outright lie.

“Riley Keough at the Roosevelt Hotel pool in Los Angelas yesterday afternoon with one of Kristen’s closest friends, CJ Romero. So much for Riley stepping in on Kristen’s guy. Do you really think CJ would look so kindly on Riley stepping out with Rob?,” thus claimed the “twilighter” who is seeking out “justice for Kristen” following negative publicities that continued to hound the "Speak" star after the July 2012 cheating scandal.

HollywoodLife.com named Riley Keough as the redhead woman snapped riding in Rob’s red pick-up truck, last Saturday, June 29. This was the day Rob reportedly bought a set of pingpong table and his redhead date apparently helped him choose a new one. The report also said that the woman, later identified as Riley, even joined Rob to test the newly bought table and they apparently spent the whole afternoon together back in his Spanish style villa, with all the steamy details.

Despite denials from Riley Keough’s camp, HollywoodLife.com insisted that it was Riley. Other news outlets also made the same reports. HL went from saying Rob-Riley love as “revenge romance” to Kristen confronting Riley to Robert ditching Riley out of respect for Kristen and more developments. HL also called Rob-Riley affair as over, with Rob promising Kristen he won’t date his friends, and all backed up with statements from unidentified sources.

The gossip Web site only retracted its claims recently when Rob was seen driving away from the Los Feliz home he once shared with Kristen. HL then declared Robert dumped Riley for Kristen.

Meanwhile, early this month, Us Magazine claimed that it was coming out with a story confirming that Riley was indeed seeing Rob. And new details attesting that they were, indeed, a couple were all put together in its August 5 issue.

Gossip Cop recently came out with a story calling one of the latest stories of HollywoodLife.com titled, “Robert Pattinson: Splitting With Riley Keough Shows Respect For Kristen Stewart,” as HL’s attempt "to dig itself out of a hole after MAKING UP a TOTALLY FABRICATED LIE about Pattinson dating Keough.”

Always critical of HollywoodLife.com for its Robsten stories, the Gossip Cop noted in its article “HollywoodLife Weasles Out of FAKE Robert Pattinson Story” that it already predicted “the Webloid’s 180-degree turn” on Rob-Riley story as early as July 3.

IBTimes-AU, for its part, has unearthed a photo showing Riley in the company of Kristen’s good pal, CJ Romero, last July 1. The photo was taken 2 days before Kristen flew to France for the Paris Fashion Week which she attended from July 2 to 4, 2013. The photo represented a lot of facts on the Rob-Riley-Kristen break-up saga. As asserted by Kristen’s fan, twilighter, it largely meant no Rob-Riley affair, as CJ will not have nice words for Riley as indicated in the photo caption if CJ knew she was into Rob.

Riley herself asserted she’s never into Rob.

She took to Twitter to deny that she is not romantically involved with Kristen’s ex. Last July 3, Riley posted a series of tweets on her account, @drkeough, expressing dismay over reports linking her to Rob.

“Myself and Rob are nothing but good friends... why are people trying to make stories out of that? It's nothing but BS! Have a good day all:),” Riley tweeted.

The "Magic Mike" star also enjoined her fans “never believe what you read in the press until it has been confirmed by that person,” as she tweeted.

Riley is Kristen’s friend. She even attended Kristen’s birthday party last April 9, 2013. The model-actress also was Kristen’s co-star in "The Runaways" and she has been good friends to both Rob and Kristen since then despite reports of awkward reunion at recent L.A. concert.

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