UPDATE: Kristen Stewart Has All Reasons to Smile in Paris as Rep Denies Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough


 The representative for Riley Keough has come forward to deny earlier reports that Elvis Presley’s granddaughter is dating Kristen Stewart’s British-hunk ex, Robert Pattinson. The spokesperson also asserted that Riley was nowhere near Rob driving in Los Feliz area on June 29, Saturday. Who is the redhead?

"Riley isn't dating Rob," a rep for Riley Keough was quoted as saying in a statement to Just Jared, according to E! Online.

The spokesperson for Riley also added that Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter was also not in the passenger seat of Rob’s red pick-up truck. And is therefore not the redhead woman who accompanied Rob to get the set of ping-pong table earlier confirmed by PerezHilton.

The rep for Riley said: "And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend."

News of Riley as the woman who replaced Kristen in Rob’s heart came when a woman with bright red hair, who was sporting the tomboy look Kristen is known for, was seen with Rob in Los Feliz.

This was followed by a confirmed exclusive report by The Daily Mail, noting that Robert and Riley are more lustful with each other than they are in love head over heels, reiterating however, that they are getting there. The fact that Riley is Elvis blood makes her rocking cool for the Twilight hunk, as he transcended his love for music in the new-found relationship. But all these have been the usual one report after another for the Robsten Romance.

If Riley’s rep says they are not dating, then Kristen can kiss her infinity symbol at the inner side of her right wrist since this could mean, there’s still a chance, albeit slim for the Robsten Romance.

The news could come best to Twihards who have continued to believe that the immortal love belongs solely to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as they have been for Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

The confirmation that it was not Riley has left more questions if not anything else. If it was not Riley as the redhead in the seat formerly occupied by Kristen, who is the mystery woman in question?

The Robsten Break-up Saga continues…

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