Upcoming In Next Blackberry Messenger: Stickers To Make You Stick Around

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Blackberry has announced on its latest blog what to expect from Blackberry Messenger (BBM) launching on Android and iOS, making it a cross-platform messaging service.

BBM tries to keep up with Line, Kakaotalk, Facebook Messenger/WhatsApp and other messaging services.

Using stickers in an app for instant messaging is the next big thing for the service, with heavy usage of the application by all of your friends. Blackberry wants to take advantage of the fame of the oversized emoticons.

Stickers in BBM will be separated around a theme or a character, like Facebook Messenger and Kik. Some will be labeled "premium," which you must buy for a buck or two. Blackberry will promote original characters upon launching, such as CosCat, Bubble Bot, Gilbert's Tales. More will be added overtime.

Sticking With Family And Friends

Stickers are typically big and elaborated emoticons which tend to be cute and often involve license. You can think of them as the digital equivalent of the actual adhesive items. Sticker packs usually has 10 to 15 pieces of stickers so you can emote more when you fell on your skateboard, fixed an injured eye with band aids, feel just fine or want send a thumbs up.

BBM will offer Sticker packs for collections and purchase. These will include BBM emoticons that are blown up for more emotional power, meaning, you could be sticking to family and friends soon.

Stickers With TV And Movie Characters

Messenger services like that of Path and Facebook have stickers in their respective sticker components to bring in revenue, offering stickers from known brands like Peanuts, Despicable Me and LEGO. This can be tempting and users spend money for these "premium" stickers. Blackberry plans to do the same with characters from movies and TV shows.

This might not be an original concept, but this can make Blackberry more competitive and not lose its users. It has not revealed yet which ones to bring to the BBM Store and the sticker prices; nor if the BBM Store will be on Android or iOS. But it should come soon.

When you are currently not using BBM, stickers can be a good reason for you to give it a try. For the existing users, you might be enticed to stick around.

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