With Upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2 Price Drops

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With the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft has taken this opportunity to reduce the price of its second generation, Intel-based Surface Pro 2 tablets.

Although the price cut is not that high yet, Microsoft reduces the cost by $100 in some of the models and others by $200 each. In May, the company cut prices of Surface Pro 2 in UK by up to $254, giving the same saving opportunities in other countries like France.

The company has now brought in the saving option in the U.S. through the Microsoft Store by providing Pro 2 at a low price. The entry level 64 GB, Core i5-based Surface Pro 2 is now available at $799 instead of $899. This makes it similar to the price of 64 GB Pro 3.

The 128 GB Pro 2 also slashed down its price by $100 while the high-end 256 GB and 512 GB models have $200 price cut. The 512 GB Pro 2 now costs $1599 instead of $1799, although it is currently out of stock. But the 512 GB Pro 3 is available for pre-order at $1949.

Out of the two models of the Core i5-based Surface Pro 3, only one model will be available initially. The 128 GB version will be priced at $999 along with Intel Core i5 releasing on June 30. The 256 GB model will  cost $1299.

The Core i3 and i7 of Pro 3 are larger, powerful and advanced than its predecessor, Surface Pro 2, which will available at the end of August. It is predicted the prices of Surface Pro 3 will be further reduced.  

Cnet reported customers who already ordered the i5 version of Surface Pro 3 have been notified about the shipping of their devices. But when Microsoft made Surface Pro 3 available for pre-order in the U.S., shipping date will be June 20. This date is also when i5-based Pro 3 will be available in stores.

Cnet further reported Microsoft faces problems of insufficient supply of previously released Surfaces due to high demand. This might be the issue for Surface Pro 3 and has shifted the shipping date of 128 GB model from June 20 to June 30. This was proved by Surface Chief Panos Panay when during the company's introduction of Surface Pro 3 in the previous month. He said Microsoft will no longer make Surface Pro 2 devices.

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