Upcoming Features of Moto X+1

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Motorola has been trying out the smartphone waters with several releases under its belt like. It appears the company wants to explore its smartphone potential further with another device called the Moto X+1. The device will succeed the Moto X series. The latest leak shows the device in its "near-final prototype" giving people an insight on what to expect upon its release.

As mentioned, the most recent leaks suggest that the images show the "near-final prototype" of the device. Since it is the successor to the Moto X series, the device appears pretty much like the existing model. As shown on the images from Android Police, the back panel sports a wood-like finish. The camera is also placed at the center on top of the Motorola logo.

According to notorious tipster @evleaks, the device may feature 25 color options grouped in five categories. These include leather, wood, warm, neutral and cool. Further the leaked images also show that the display of the device is around 5.1-inches large. The front features a speaker grill under the display similar to the Moto E's design. Earlier, reports noted that the Moto X+1 display will come with full-HD technology offering to 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Other Moto X+1 features spotted on the images include metallic side panels comprised of aluminum according to @evleaks. Motorola has also placed the 3.5mm audio jack above the device together with the volume and power controls by the side. This has been the standard design for most of Motorola's phones. What is different is that Motorola placed the SIM card slot on top of the device and the audio jack.

Previous hints about the Moto X+1 suggest that the device may also come with a rear flash. Other reported features include 2900mAh battery, 32GB internal memory and 5MP camera.

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