Undertaker Seriously Injured After Loss at Wrestlemania

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Undertaker has suffered a humiliating loss in WrestleMania and has to be hospitalized for it. Immediately after his fight with Brock Lesner, which resulted in a groundbreaking loss of the popular wrestling figure, the Undertaker, 49 has to be taken to the hospital because of a severe concussion. He was accompanied by no other than WWE CEO Vince McMahon, which goes to show how big of name Undertaker is in the wrestling world. If he wasn't, the CEO will not dare miss the end of the biggest night of the company and Daniel Bryan's win, Hollywood Life reports

Undertaker had to go through various tests in the hospital, which includes a CAT scan. He had to stay overnight at the hospital from April 6 to April 7. This is quite a scary and worrying news for the die-hard fans of Undertaker, who are still mourning over the fact that their idol lost a match at Wrestlemania, which no one actually expected to see.

WWE has released an official statement regarding the hospital incident:

"WWE.com can confirm that, following last's night historic match with Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker was immediately taken to Ochsner Medical Center. After a CT scan and other medical testing, he was diagnosed with a severe concussion and was kept overnight for further evaluation. He was discharged early Monday afternoon."

Showing how many dedicated fans are to the Undertaker, "#ThankYouTaker" began trending after Undertaker suffered the big loss at the Superdome in New Orleans. This is trending up until now, which goes to show that the Undertaker has indeed, become legendary to wresting fans worldwide. Even those who barely knows anything about wrestling can associate this name to the wresting sport.

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