Undertaker Defeat Mistake: Vince McMahon Firing Brock Lesnar? Former UFC Champ Changes Script in Wrestlemania XXX

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The Undertaker saw his Wrestlemania winning streak came to an end in the 30th edition of the grandest stage of them all - Wrestlemania XXX. For the first time in 22 matches, the Undead becomes a mere mortal at the hands of Brock Lesnar, and his unexpected defeat was enough to dismay millions of avid WWE fans on Sunday night.

The Phenom preserved his immaculate slate at Wrestlemania for 21 long years, only to fall against the only man who hoisted both the WWE and UFC heavyweight championship. Lesnar defied all odds, including an undefeated record that spanned four decades, to steal the show at Mercedez-Benz Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.

However, just hours after his historic feat, there are rumors circulating that Lesnar made a cheat of a lifetime by changing the script in his favor. There were also reports that WWE President Vince McMahon was upset with the result and is planning to fire Lesnar for his act.

Many wrestling addicts compared Lesnar's questionable victory over the Understaker to the infamous "Montreal screwjob" in the 1997 Survivor Series where Vince McMahon interfered the battle between Hall of Fame legends Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart, while the Heartbreak Kid put Hart in a sharpshooter move. McMahon's move allowed Michaels to take the victory and ignited decades-long hatred between him and Hart.

Then again, it was just nothing but a rumour. Yes, and it includes the screwjob story which apparently is another hoax report posted by Satirical Web site Huzlers.

"The Undertaker has just lost his 21-year Wrestlemania streak to former UFC fighter Brock Lesnar. It has been revealed that Brock Lesnar was not in fact supposed to win the match and was scripted for the Undertaker to win the match and extend his Wrestlemania streak to 22 wins.

I'm pretty sure most people know that WWE is actually staged and simply for entertainment. All matches are scripted and practiced weeks prior to the actual match, and the winner is, of course, picked before the match is aired, by WWE officials. However, this match was not meant for Brock Lesnar to win," via Huzlers.

Everything is for Reason

The Undertaker, Mark William Calaway in real name, turned 49 years old in March. After four decades of professional wrestling, the Deadman might have had enough and is maybe leaning towards retirement. However, there are is also a possibility the Deadman will wreck havoc in the WWE Universe, returning into his notorious, dominant age he was in 90s.

No matter what's the reason behind his Wrestlemania defeat. There's only one way to find out but to tune in on WWE Smackdown and Raw.

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