‘Under the Dome’ Update: New Ideas to Pop-Up in Season 2 and EP Quits the Show

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CBS has recently released a fun sneak peek clip of "Under the Dome" Season 2, which features Colin Ford, who plays Joe, and Mackenzie Lintz, who plays Norrie in the show. The two are giving fans a tour of the new set, Chester's Mill High School.

"A lot of new ideas pop up in Season 2 for why the dome might be there, as well as other things that we discover in Season 2. This school room kind of represents our headquarters for science and problem-solving and creating the next step to filling in the puzzle that is getting rid of the dome," Ford says in the sneak peek clip. [Check the Sneak Peek Video]

Also, Ford and Lintz tease that their characters are going to spend a lot of time, together, in the School's Shop Room.

Meanwhile, Brian K. Vaughan, executive producer and writer of "Under the Dome," has quit the show. Citing sources, The Hollywood Reporter (THR) reports that it is Vaughan's decision to quit the popular series. However before his exit, Vaughan and Neal Baer "arced out" Season 2. In a statement, Vaughan said that he wants to spend time with his children and catch-up on his comic-book deadlines.   

 "Right after we finished season one of Under the Dome, our showrunner Neal Baer and I had the amazing honour of working with Stephen King himself to help plot the new direction of our second season. It was one of the best experiences of my creative life, but it was also a really long time to be apart from my family, who I've seen way too little of since I started helping to develop Dome years ago, so I decided to step away from the show," Vaughan said in his statement, as quoted by THR. "I really miss the cast and crew, but it's awesome to get to see my kids again and catch up on my comic-book deadlines."

"Heads Will Role" is the title of the premiere episode of "Under the Dome" Season 2. It is written by Stephen King. The show is based on King's book of the same name. King is also expected to play a cameo role in the first episode of the second season.

"Under the Dome" Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on June 30, 2014. King has warned that in the new season, no one is safe. According to the spoilers, two characters are going to die in the first episode.   

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