'Under The Dome' Star Mike Vogel Tweets Pictures of Barbie's Fate in Season 2? Spoilers [VIDEOS]

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"Under The Dome" lead star Mike Vogel hints viewers of what will happen in season 2. Under The Dome is an American science fiction drama television series that aired June 2013. The series was announced to return Monday, June 30.

The T.V. series was based on Stephen King's same book-title novel and was developed by Brian K. Vaughn. The story is about the small town of Chester's Mill being trapped in an enormous, invisible, and indestructible dome. The residents were cut off from any type of contact or communication outside.

In "Under The Dome's" season one finale, Mike Vogel who plays as Dale "Barbie" Barbara was about to be executed by Dean Norris aka "Big Jim" Rennie. When Big Jim was about to finish Barbie's life, a strange phenomenal bright light has blinded the whole town of Chester's Mill. It was just in time to save Barbie at the moment. But is he really safe?

Viewers are left with questions as to what could have transpired during the surprising event. Dale Barbara, who is at the most dire situation, was poised to make an escape. In the last few moments though, Barbie was shown just about to be done in. The escape fans of the show are cheering for could be an impossible feat. How will Barbie pull through? Could the escape be done?

"No one is safe in this town," Brian K. Vaughn said. Not only Barbie's life is in danger at the moment but the other characters as well.Watch here the preview for Under The Dome Season 2.

What will viewers expect on Under the Dome's Season 2 premiere? Mike Vogel gives a clue.

Here's a tweet from Mike Vogel's official Twitter page.

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