‘Under the Dome’ Season 2 Update: Julia’s Initiative Likely to Backfire

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The second season of "Under the Dome" will put Julia in a leadership role and she will be seen challenging Big Jim. Apparently, she is unlikely to succeed. 

TV Guide reports that Julia will take on a "leadership role" in Chester's Mill. This development will not be accepted happily by Big Jim's supporters. According to TV Guide, Julia's proposal is set to misfire.        

"Julia's initiative will backfire in a big way when one of her big ideas for the town goes awry in explosive fashion. The question is: Was she set up?" TV Guide reports.

Meanwhile, the trailer of the episode indicates that two of the characters are going to die in the upcoming season of "Under the Dome."  It, however, does not reveal who is going to die. As previously reported, Stephen King has said that no one is safe in the new season. The show is based on King's book of the same name. King has written the premiere episode of the new season. Also, he has donned the hat of the executive producer.  

Brian K Vaughan, executive producer of "Under the Dome," has also said that no one is safe in the new season.

The new season will see the introduction of new characters. According to Entertainment Weekly (EW), Dwight Yoakam is has signed-up for recurring guest role. Yoakam, an actor-musician, will be seen playing the the character of Lyle Chumley, a man who runs a barbershop in Chester's Mill.

Yoakam's character has a "complicated history with Big Jim -- having once been romantically linked with his dead wife, Pauline. Lyle also has a mysterious connection to the Dome, and very well may know the answer to its origins," EW reports.  

In addition to Lyle, the preview of the new season reveals that two more characters will be introduced. These characters are Junior's uncle and a young school teacher will be introduced.

"Under the Dome" is scheduled to premiere on Monday, June 30, 2014. The new season promises to be full of new twists, turns and shocking events.

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