Under the Dome Season 2 Spoilers: New Nightmare Arrives in Episode 6, In the Dark

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There were the tornadoes, fires and blood rain that threatened to turn the people of Chester's Mill into body counts. It is now the turn of a storm that will put the lives of everyone at risk in Episode 6 of "Under the Dome" Season 2, which is titled "In the Dark." It is the deadliest storm that the residents of Chester's Mill have ever seen, and it is capable of blocking the air from coming inside the dome.

In the preview clip, Big Jim can be seen warning that everyone will suffocate and Rebecca can be seen telling that if the dusty storm clogs the dome, the air is not going to come in.

The synopsis of "In the Dark" suggests that the power struggle between Big Jim and Julia continues. In the previous episode, Julia let Big Jim come out of the prison and in addition to that, there was the truce offer, as well. Big Jim accepted Julia's olive branch. But, now it looks like, Big Jim likes to lead and be the messiah than just be Julia's follower. The game of one-upmanship is likely to continue between Julia and Big Jim.

The previous episode revealed that there is an opening of a deep tunnel inside Angie's locker. In Episode 6, Barbie and Sam are set to investigate this tunnel, according to the synopsis of the episode. However, it looks like the tunnel is not going to reveal its mystery soon. Sam can be seen sitting inside in the tunnel in the preview clip. He can be seen telling Barbie, "Every day is a new nightmare."     

Meanwhile at the Comic-Con, Neal Baer, executive producer of the show, said, as quoted by Deadline, "no one is safe under the dome." Linda and Angie died in the first episode of the second season, and more characters are likely to die in the upcoming episodes. This, however, does not mean that dead characters may not pop-up again, like the mysterious girl Melanie Cross. Also, it was revealed that one of the characters manages to get out of the dome.

Official Synopsis of "Under the Dome" Season 2 Episode 6 "In the Dark":

"Barbie and Sam investigate a mysterious tunnel, but a cave-in severs their path back to Chester's Mill. Meanwhile, Julia and Big Jim struggle for power as a dust storm sweeps through town."

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