'Under the Dome' Season 2 Spoilers: Characters and Mysteries Horrific Beyond Wildest Imagination, Who Will Be Killed Off?


A newly released preview clip for CBS's "Under the Dome" Season 2 reveals new characters and mysteries to be introduced soon. The show's executive producer Brian Vaughan explains that Chester's Mill citizens under the dome are horrific that it goes beyond the wildest imagination. He continues to say in the video that the TV series is based on the novel Under the Dome and its author, Stephen King, even gave them more ideas they had not even considered before.

Vaughan teased about the upcoming season, saying no one is safe in the town. He also revealed that "what is outside comes inside." Another executive producer of the show, Neal Baer, previously told The Wrap that fans will be shocked about who will enter the dome in the next season. The preview clip also confirms that two main characters will be killed off in the premiere episode but it is still unknown who these characters are. It is noted that Natalie Martinez has been cast for another series too so it could be possible that the Sheriff is one of the characters to die as the show returns. The premiere episode title is "Heads Will Roll," which Stephen King wrote as well.

According to Wetpaint Entertainment, a couple of new characters will be introduced in the next season too. One of the new arrivals is Junior's mother. Pauline Rennie will debut and will be played by Sherry Stringfield. Rennie is best known on NBC's "ER." Dwight Yoakam is also reportedly going "Under the Dome." The actor-musician will be Lyle Chumley, who runs a barbershop and has a complex history with Big Jim because of his past romance with his dead wife, Pauline.

While "Under the Dome" fans expected the same ending to the novel, Baer did the contrary. "We are not going to end as the novel does with teenage aliens doing experiments with people on earth," he said. "However, we will have a huge revelation that involves an understanding of the dome and what is behind it in a shocking way, a very shocking way, I think. Also, what I really love about the how is you never know who is going to appear."

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