Under the Dome Season 2 Episode 3: Watch the Rain Blood, Meet the Barber [VIDEOS]

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The sudden acid, blood rain is set to further endanger the lives of Chester's Mill residents. In the sneak peek of "Force Majeure," Episode 3 of "Under the Dome" Season 2, one moment, Rebecca can be seen ordering the residents to collect as much drinkable water as one can and the next moment, she asks them to wait because of the blood rain.

The previous episode already voiced concerns about too many people dependent on the fast-depleting resources, after the caterpillar infestation. The acid rain will be making the waters undrinkable under the dome. According to the synopsis, it is going to threaten the life of each person that it is going to touch.  

The rapidly depleting resources and the increasingly bleak situation will force Big Jim to hold a census, predicting how long Chester's Mill can hold on under the dire conditions. The synopsis also reveals about the tensions as a result of the dwindling resources.    

It was reported in March this year that Dwight Yoakam is joining the "Under the Dome" team, as a heavily recurring character. The actor will be introduced in episode 3 as Lyle Chumley, who will be seen running the Chester's Mill barbershop. The synopsis of the episode indicates that he and Rebecca will be butting heads over reasons for the dome's existence.

There is a possibility that Lyle knows about the Dome's origins. According to Entertainment Weekly's report, Lyle "has a complicated history with Big Jim -- having once been romantically linked with his dead wife, Pauline. Lyle also has a mysterious connection to the Dome, and very well may know the answer to its origins."

In the second sneak peek of "Force Majeure," Lyle can be seen having a conversation with Big Jim while shaving his beard. Big Jim thanks him for the support that he provided during the death of his wife. Big Jim is getting ready to meet Rebecca and can be seen telling Lyle that "there's something interesting about her."

In the previous episode, Joe found out about the death of his sister Angie. The third sneak peek of episode 3 shows Joe returning to the site, with the mystery girl and Norrie. The mystery girl can be seen opening one of the lockers, the last thing that Angie touched, for Joe to peek into, to find evidence against his sister's unknown killer.

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[Youtube/Under the Dome]

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