Under the Dome RECAP Season 2 Episode 2: Hunt is On to Find the Murderer in Infestation [SPOILERS]

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The episode 2 of "Under the Dome" Season 2 deals with the murder of Angie and the rapidly multiplying population of caterpillars.   

At school, Junior, when he goes to open the school on his father's order, finds the dead body of Angie under a sheet of butterflies. Big Jim suspects that it is Junior who killed Angie, while Junior points the finger at Big Jim. The bloody shoe-print found near Angie's body is that of a girl.

Joe and Norrie find the mysterious girl -- Julia had saved her from drowning in the lake in the previous episode -- in the woods. They also notice that the butterflies are dying in plenty, which means they have laid a lot of eggs.

Later, Joe and Norrie suspect that it is the mysterious girl who must have killed Angie. Julia is unable to stop Phil from arresting the girl. Shortly afterwards at Big Jim's home, Joe and Norrie find Junior rummaging through Big Jim's cabinets to find evidence against his father. The two inform Junior about the girl's arrest. The three go to the police station to make the mysterious girl suffer the same fate as Angie. Before Joe or Junior shoots the girl, Julia comes there and stops them. She tells them about a man's hand-marks found on Angie's arm, which indicates that it is a man who must have killed Angie.

Julia also finds out that Sam is Big Jim's brother-in-law, the brother of Pauline. Sam shows her the sketch of a teenage girl, which his sister had drawn 20 years ago. The teenage girl has an uncanny resemblance to the mysterious girl.

Meanwhile, the growing population of caterpillars is a cause of worry for Rebecca, as they are fast feeding on the crops. She informs Big Jim about it. Rebecca is later found destroying the crops by burning them to save the crops that are not infested. Big Jim has another plan of saving the crops and sees this new problem as a test. He wants to prove himself as a capable leader and lead from the front. Barbie, Rebecca and Big Jim head to the airport. The plan is to use the plane and Big Jim wants to fly it. While Rebecca is talking him out of it, Barbie takes off in the plane. He manages to save the plane from hitting the invisible dome but once the mission is accomplished, there is no fuel in the tank. It is Big Jim who comes to the rescue. He informs Barbie about the reserve fuel tank switch. The plane safely lands.

At the Church for the funeral of Angie, Big Jim does all the talking and talks about finding his faith and that they are being tested by powers bigger than them. Joe is late to arrive at the Church. He was looking for his sister's bracelet. She always wore it and it was not there on her dead body. Barbie is there for Joe and mentions about his own loss.

Junior has Angie's bracelet. He later knocks at Sam's doors and tells his uncle that he thinks he killed Angie.         

Rebecca informs Big Jim that there are too many people out there for the limited resources and it will become difficult to survive. 

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