Under the Dome: Angie’s Killer Revealed, Big Jim, Julia Shake Hands Post Explosion in Season 2, Episode 5, Reconciliation [RECAP]

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The episode 5, "Reconciliation," of "Under the Dome" underlined that someone will step-up in Chester's Mills to give hope and push ahead the much feared doomsday. At the end of the episode, Julia termed Big Jim's crime "inexcusable" but not "unforgivable" and extended an olive branch to her opponent. The two shook hands in the episode. Sam was unmasked as the man who killed Angie. The love for his nephew, Junior, stopped him from committing another murder.

Here is what happened in Episode 5, "Reconcilliation," of "Under the Dome" Season 2:

Bobbie returns to update Julia about the mysterious girl, Melanie, and that Sam may have been hiding something. Sam returns to his place to find that someone has turned his room upside down. He opens a drawer and picks-up a folded paper and keeps it in his pocket. Later, he finds Junior in his house, looking for something.

Junior tells him that he received an email from his mother and that she asked him to trust only Lyle, and Lyle hit him and ran away with Sam's journal. That journal may have had information about who killed Angie. Sam and Junior go to Lyle's place to find something that can implicate Lyle. Sam slips the folded paper underneath the cushion of a chair and later pretends that he found the paper, which Lyle must have hidden. Paula has drawn Angie in one of the papers, which makes Junior believe that Lyle killed her. The next drawing is of four hands.

Junior tells Sam that Lyle must have killed Angie because she was one of the hands, as killing of the four hands would bring down the dome. Junior reveals that he, Joe and Norrie are the other three hands. He fears that Lyle will kill them, too.   

At Junior's house, Sam pours drink for Junior, while pretending that he too is drinking. When a sloshed Junior crashes on a sofa, Sam reveals that he killed Angie and is set to snuff the life out of Junior using a cushion. He stops hearing his nephew murmur that Sam is the only family he has and that he loves him. A frustrated Sam throws a glass at the framed drawing, featuring a family, on the wall.  Sam and Junior discover that there is a drawing at the back, as well. Angie's locker number is inscribed on it.

Meanwhile, Julia realises that the people of Chester's Mills are divided into two groups. There is a group that believes that Big Jim is innocent and Julia has framed-him. And, there is a group that wants Julia to lead and punish Big Jim and Rebecca for trying to exterminate them using the deadly swine flu virus.

At the middle of the town, Big Jim and Rebecca are brought so that a trial could take place to punish them. However, Julia's food program idea, voluntarily agreeing to stock-up all the food at one place and sharing that with everyone, causes a mini-riot, which leads to Phil killing Wendell, who is opposing Julia's plan.

Shortly afterwards, Julia fires Phil for killing Wendell, which makes him revolt and meet Big Jim. There is a sudden explosion when Julia, Bobbie and some of the residents are busy receiving food cartons and arranging the community pantry store. Julia gets trapped and Bobbie pulls her out from underneath a wooden plank. It turns out that Phil caused the explosion after locking the food items in a fire-proof room. Phil holds Carol as a hostage after she figures out what he has done. Barbie soon reaches and overpowers two of Phil's men. When Phil hides behind Carol, holding a knife at her throat, Barbie points a gun at him. Carol manages to free herself from Phil's grip and falls down and Bobbie shoot Phil. The episode did not reveal whether Phil survived or is dead.

Julia follows Andrea to her house after she saw Andrea appear with water and food, just after the explosion. Andrew lets her in her house, showing her house and basement stocked with food items that could last for two to three months.       

At school, Rebecca joins Sam and Junior to investigate what is on the other side of the locker's door. This time, the trio find a deep tunnel inside the locker.  

In this episode, Melanie is unable to find more about herself and why she was brought back to life. She, however, causes a friction between Joe and Norrie. Norrie saw Joe and Melanie kissing, after she hurt Melanie with her bitter words. Also, Melanie's touched the dome, but she did not see or feel anything. Joe and Melanie tried to see the difference between their blood samples under the microscope, but Joe was unable to figure out much. Melanie had approached Rebecca, requesting her to see her blood sample, and that is why Rebecca was at school. 

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