Ukraine and Russia's Tension Rises, 42 Dead in Recent Armed Conflict

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Pro-Russia protesters burn a Ukranian flag outside the district council building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine May 4, 2014. Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk accused Russia on Sunday of engineering clashes in Odessa that led to the deaths of more than 40 pro-Russian activists in a blazing building and pushed the country closer to civil war. Reuters

At least 42 people were killed in fire caused by petrol bombs, and others shot dead during Ukraine and Russia's violent clash in Odessa last Friday. On the eastern borders of Ukraine, despite the Pro-Russian group has released seven military observers after holding them hostage for eight days, more fatalities were reported and war continued throughout Ukraine.

The recent clash in the Black Sea port of Odessa is the most violent event that happened in Ukraine since February's unrest resulting to the pro-Russian president leaving the country. The Pro-Russian rebels even gunned down two Ukrainian military helicopters poised to drive out the militants in their bases in the town of Slaviansk. The attack resulted into two helicopter crew, and two servicemen dead last Friday.

The military "Anti-Terrorism" operations that claimed nine lives in the east was overwhelmed in comparison to the surprising violence that happened in Odessa.

Officials told reports that four people were killed, three shot dead, and more wounded between the crossfire of Kiev supporters and Pro-Russian militants. During the heat of retaliation and gunfire, 37 people were reported killed, and the police officially recorded a death toll of 42.

The ongoing violence doesn't end there. Head of Ukraine's "anti-terrorism" operations Vasyl Krutov said that they didn't expect the gravity of the situation than previously thought. He added that the current situation in the Donetsk and eastern regions won't simply end soon. It's bound to last for a while and Krustov says they're actually going through a war already.

Krustov added that gunfire is still continuously happening around Kramatorsk, south of Slaviansk. Reports have yet to cover the situation in the area but fatalities could be continually rising at the moment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov comments on the ongoing war, "While Russia is making efforts to de-escalate and settle the conflict, the Kiev regime has turned to firing on civilian towns with military aircraft and has begun a punitive operation, effectively destroying the last hope of survival for the Geneva accord," as reported by Maria Tsvetkova of Reuters. Peskov refers to the peace agreement deal made on April 17, which was signed by Russia, Ukraine, the United States and the European Union.

In the provisions of that agreement, the Pro-Russian groups are supposed to stop their military advances in the east of Ukraine and leave the captured public buildings in the many seized towns. But since the "peace" talks at Geneva, the separatists seemed to have acted more violently which causes a continual tension in Ukraine.

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