Ukraine Relaunches 'Anti-Terrorism' Campaign, Date For the Operations Uncertain But Assuring?

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Pro-Russia separatists of Ukraine
The head of the pro-Russian separatists government Denis Pushilin speaks during a news conference in the regional government building in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine in this April 18, 2014 Reuters

The Ukraine government has relaunched an "Anti-Terrorism Operation" to deal with the "Pro-Russian" separatists causing tension in its eastern borders.

Ukraine decided to make a move as news broke out recently that one Ukranian politician was killed in one of the held-off buildings in the east. Supported by the U.S., Ukraine's relaunched operations and plans were unclear.

The world concerned about the ongoing tension could be guessing if Ukraine will use military force to deal with the Russian separatists. Ukraine only announced it will start to put an end to the oppression in its borders. The exact timeframe wasn't laid out for the country to take action.

Reports cited Ukraine's xecurity forces behind the operations were seemingly secretive about the detailed plan to prevent compromise. But it added the anti-terrorism operations are a feasible solution to the problem. 

First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Yarema hinted to the reporters, "The corresponding activities will be carried out in the near future, and you will see the results," as quoted from Huffington Post.

Yarema added in the same report, "We have obtained the support of the United States, that they will not leave us alone with an aggressor. We hope that in the event of Russian aggression, this help will be more substantive."

The U.S. clearly said it will not take part militarily should an inevitable violent confrontation rise between Ukraine and the Pro-Russian group in the eastern borders.

But the White House clearly noted there were 600 soldiers sent to Poland for infantry exercises. No intervention was intended with the U.S. support.

As the world waits on Ukraine to enact the operations, added tensions, heavy sanctions and unrest are continually rising.

Locals said witnessing first hand the occurring events, the time grows short for all sides and a peaceful solution to ending the tension is much needed for the sake of the Russian and Ukrainian citizens.

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