U.K. Socialite Commits Suicide In Beverly Hills After Cosmetic Surgery Went Wrong

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A British socialite found it unbearable to look at herself after going through a disastrous cosmetic surgery. She stripped herself naked and jumped off a high rise at Beverly Hills.

Sandra D'Auriol was killed after she jumped off the building. The 53-year-old used to work for Asprey, a favorite jeweler of the British royal family. She underwent a facelift on Jan. 21. When she got in the next morning, she apparently felt aggressive and agitated. Investigators suspected D'Auriol might have been a victim of anesthesia reactions which went wrong, news.come.au reported.

She took her clothes off and went on the top of the Camden Medical Arts building. According to the authorities, she stayed there for 3 hours which she dangled the feet off the edge. She, however, had an interaction with police negotiators who tried talking her out of the situation for hours. They were successful in talking to her and eventually she killed herself.

D'Auriol, a mother of two, used to stay in Hong Kong since 1983. She approached Dr. Brian Novack, a well-known cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills. The Hollywood Reporter mentioned Dr. Novack had previously worked with several celebrities, including Demi Moore. However, there might have been serious issues which made D'Auriol upset about the surgery outcome that she took her own life.

The Daily Mail reported Avi Rai, her former colleague at CWS, felt it was "tragic." Rai informed D'Auriol was British. However, he was not ready to comment much on the death since it was still under investigation.

According to her company profile, she was born in India and brought up in Ibiza and Singapore. The profile also said she used to create "one-of-a-kind" jewelery every season and display it in several major cities like Paris, London and New York. She worked in the company since 1999.

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