UK Police’s Request Results in Suspension of Torrentz.EU Domain

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Various file-sharing sites are facing the music as copyright holders and authorities decide to take them down. Earlier, Australian government has planned to block The Pirate Bay using different methods like sending warning letters and asking local ISPs to block the access to TPB. The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in the UK has requested the suspension of domain. According to TorrentFreak, the Web site continues to function under two different domains. It is likely that the site plans to move the suspended domain to a new registrar.

City of London Police has been trying for the past few months to bring down the Web sites that provide illegal content. The police department has been working with copyright holders.

According to TorrentFreak, the police issued warning letters to Web site owners asking them to shut down or get authorised content. Later, the authorities also asked the domain registrars to suspend the domain names of various Web sites.

A few days ago, the police again reminded the registrars to suspend the domain by sending warning letters.

TorrentFreak has been informed by the operator of Torrentz that the Web site's domain name was suspended by the registrar. However, the site is still registered to Torrentz and they hope to move the domain or lift the ban.

The other Torrentz domains are unaffected like and

Meanwhile, many registrars are willing to suspend, but easyDNS (Canada) previously defended its customers.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought it was something that gets decided in a court of law, as opposed to 'some guy on the internet' sending emails. While that's plenty reason enough for some registrars to take down domain names, it doesn't fly here," said CEO Mark Jeftovic of easyDNS.

Now, it has to be seen if Torrentz team will be able to get the domain transferred to a new location or unsuspended.  

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