UK Boy, 14, Sets World Record to Become Youngest Person to Face Rape Charges Against Own Mother

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A 14-year-old boy from Lancashire has been facing rape charges against his own mother. According to Lancashire Police, the attack by the boy from Blackpool on his mother took place on Sunday, Feb 23, during the earlier part of the day. Later on, the boy was taken before Preston magistrates, BBC reported.

This appears to be a case of the youngest person in the entire world to be charged with rape against his mother. The teenager who appears to hold the latest world record, however, cannot be named due to legal reasons. Blackpool Magistrates Court District Judge Jeff Brailsford adjudged the alleged act of the boy to be a "grave crime," according to Blackpool Gazette. The boy was ordered to be kept in custody. He is scheduled to appear at Preston Crown Court for the next hearing on March 11.

The latest world record apparently beats the previous instance which also took place in the UK. The previous case involved a 15-year-old boy from Swansea who admitted raping his own mother. The unprecedented case in legal history took place 10 years ago in 2004. When the boy pleaded guilty to rape at Swansea Crown Court, his mother - sitting close by her son - was seen weeping. BBC archive revealed that Judge Jonathan Durham Hall had admitted that he was unable to recall any similar criminal offence in the entire legal history of the UK. Even if something similar happened before, nobody was able to recollect it, he said.

Barrister John Hipkin who defended the teenager admitted in court that the case was, to his imagination, the saddest and most difficult one. Mr Hipkin said that social workers, probation officers and psychiatrists should come up with ideas to help. The jury was even sworn in and that was when the boy changed his plea all of a sudden. According to Mr Hipkin, the case remained stressful to the boy's mother.

One has to wait and watch how the recent case in Blackpool would turn out.

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