UFO Weekend Sightings: Strange Disc in Norway, ‘Giant Glowing Disc’ in Chile

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UFO sighting reports persist despite the lack of guaranteed answers from experts - whether in aviation or general science.

For the eager UFO observers, there will be a time for clear answers in the future. Meantime, they will photograph and film seemingly strange and unidentified flying objects in the hopes of capturing the image that would disclose, once and for all, the presence of extraterrestrial spacecrafts within Earth territory.

UFO Sighting: Strange Disc in Norway

Here is a video of an oddly shaped disc aircraft flying over Hessdalen in Norway on December 1 (Saturday). It was filmed using only a live camera via the Jing program. The video uploader, YouTube user Streetcap1, "is famous in the UFO community for his work towards disclosure," according to UFOlogist Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily.

"Watch the video carefully and you will see the craft take shape and it does have some detail to it," Waring noted.

Asked by a YouTube commenter what exactly is in the footage, the uploader answered: "Wish I knew. Saucer-shaped something."

Did you see anything peculiar?

UFO Sighting: "Giant Glowing Disk" in Chile

Meanwhile, a news team in Chile would like to know whether there is a relationship between UFO sightings and natural disasters. A news clip video here was explained by Waring:

"The recent UFO sightings are creating fear among the population of the city of Santiago. Experts do not know why the unidentified flying objects appear during or after any disaster. What is the relationship between UFOs and natural disasters, catastrophic events such as earthquakes, for example? We suggest that you see the news video of one of the following cases."

See this blog entry to examine photos of a giant glowing disk in the Chilean sky, filmed on December 1 (Saturday).

Do UFOs get busy during the weekends? There has been no noticeable pattern. The pattern is in the observers. They continue to document irregular sightings in the hopes of capturing something definitive and indisputable someday.

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