UFO Wars Being Engaged in Antarctica - Scientist John Kettler

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Former US Military contractor and scientist John Kettler reportedly made a controversial claim about an expanding UFO war being engaged in Antarctica. The announcement was posted last October 26 by the "Exopolitics Institute News Service."

In his own website called "John Kettler Investigates," he has written and posted numerous articles about the US Navy fighting off hostile extraterrestrials that are submerged in the Pacific. "The UFO War continues to expand, with heavy action in the Antarctic Ocean according to highly sensitive sources. Two submarines of the Chinese PLAN (Peoples Liberation Army Navy) have been slammed together, resulting in injuries, but no fatalities, to the submariners inside them," Kettler wrote.

Exopoliticsinstitute.org reports John Kettler further claimed that "20 UFOs, traveling at 25,000 mph, left the Antarctic Ocean in a group and went to Guadalajara, Mexico. Another group of 15, flying at the same speed, went to Argentina."

In an article that he wrote, John Kettler also made other bold allegations about the UFO wars. The "UFO War Explodes Through Entire Pacific Ocean! Now A Coalition War!" article stated that "the Pacific has now become a five-nation coalition war through the Pacific Basin, per supersensitive terrestrial sources. Naval forces involved include the U.S. Navy (U.S.), PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) (China), JMSDF (Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force) (Japan), ROKN (Republic of Korea Navy) (South Korea) and ROCN (Republic of China Navy) (Republic of China/Taiwan)... Total is around 200 ships, including two U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups, many additional surface combatants (frigates through cruisers), numerous submarines and multiple URGs (underway replenishment groups) to keep all the warships fueled, crews fed and supplied with  multitudes of items. The UFO War is an unprecedented kind of coalition war with all the headaches and political delicacies that entails."

However, not everybody believed in what John Kettler has said. According to the Exopolitics Institute News Service: "There is good reason to conclude that Kettler's claims are part of a psychological warfare operation that may be related to planning for a false flag alien event." In a conducted poll by the website Current.com, 29% think that the reported claim was "bull****" while 25% believed that the story was a "fact." On the other hand, 25% chose the story to be a "possibility" while 13% went to the "devil" category and 0% went to the "military."

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