UFO Spotted Near India's Taj Mahal Triggers Confusion and Controversy [VIDEO]

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A UFO was allegedly spotted by the Indian army near Taj Mahal. A video posted online appeared to show an unidentified flying object close to India's popular white marbled monument, Taj Mahal. A misleading news headline has led to confusing reports of the UFO sighting.

One of the first headlines about the story read "Rumour: UFO Over Taj Mahal Seen by Indian Army." This apparently is false since the Indian army did not see a UFO anywhere near Taj Mahal.

A report from The Inquisitr said it was true that the Indian army has reported UFO sightings but they were nowhere near the Taj Mahal. The UFO sightings claimed by the Indian army were part of a continuous wave of UFOs supposedly seen by the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force and army troops near the India-China border.

UFO enthusiasts have watched the video of the UFO sighting in Taj Mahal. There seems to be no connection between the UFO reports near the India-China border and the UFO sighting close to Taj Mahal.

One news agency suggested that the UFO in question in the Taj Mahal video looked like an insect or bug stuck on the camera screen.

Jason McClellan from Open Minds said after watching the video again that it wasn't a bug since the object near Taj Mahal was not moving as the camera pans out. It remained fixed and unmoving. If it were a bug, the object would have moved along with the camera.

Another thing that sparked the controversy over the UFO sighting near Taj Mahal video is that there seems to be no information about the identity of the one who posted the Youtube video. The video appeared to be part of UFOPrimeTube's collection of UFO videos.

Most UFO sightings posted on YouTube have accompanying descriptions and a background story. In the case of the UFO sighting in Taj Mahal video, only a list of tag phrases appeared with no description.

Comments under the video suggest the UFO sighting in Taj Mahal was fake that even UFO enthusiasts don't believe the object seen near India's monument is actually a UFO.

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