UFO Sightings: Witnesses Recount UFO Encounter in Riverview and Eagle Ford Shale


Reports on UFO sightings continue to increase in numerous locations on different countries. This time, witnesses from Riverview and Eagle Ford Shale shared their bizarre encounter with unidentified objects hovering above the sky.

According to the Web site ufostalker.com, a witness revealed the strange UFO encounter when they pulled the car over to make an important business phone call. "We saw what first looked like a flock of white birds or balloons but in a very strange pattern and moving slowly and all in unison," the witness stated.

The witness further described what they saw for around five minutes with the use of binoculars. "They appeared to be round white lights with a somewhat reddish tint, with 2 dark, solid triangular fixed appendages on each side. They all looked exactly the same with one or 2 drifting away at times and then a few drifting back in to join the rest," the witness added.

In Eagle Ford Shale, witnesses ponder on the question if there is something else existing out there. South Texas rancher Penny Farrell and her husband, Jerry, claimed they saw strange lights up in the sky from their back porch view.

"They started blinking. One, two, three, like bing bing bing bing bing bing. All at once, they went back over here to this tree but they were a little higher," Penny Farrell stated. She added that the blinking happened for several minutes before the unidentified objects disappeared.

"And when it shot up into the heavens, it was just like a blink of an eye. Boom. It was up there. If you were here and saw it like we saw it, sat here and marveled over what was happing up there in the sky, then you would say that's a UFO," Penny further shared.

With the frequent reports on UFO sightings, the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) admitted that some sightings can be explained while others remain a mystery.

"About 10-percent of them, those are the ones that will make your eyes roll around and around in your head. We can't figure it out," David MacDonald, Executive Director of the MUFON, stated.  

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