UFO Sightings: Witness Spotted White-Glowing Object in Sullivan, Indiana


In the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, an unnamed Indiana witness reported spotting an unidentified white-glowing object just above a tree on March 4 around 5 p.m. The witness recounted the UFO rapidly disappeared after noticing it inside a fast food restaurant in Sullivan.

"Caught a view of a white colored, glowing object just above the tree line over a field from my position and was further away compared to the plane that had passed by where I could almost make out the pilot in the plane," the witness declared.

The witness was not able to attach images or video footages of the UFO sighting with the MUFON report filed on the same day. "The object headed due west from my vantage point in a slow pattern and suddenly headed down toward the deck at about a 10 degree angle behind the tree line and that's when I lost view of the object. All this took about 15-25 seconds and I wasn't able to clear my head enough to take a picture with my phone," the witness further stated.

Majority of the intriguing UFO reports do not usually come from the high reporting states but those that provide fascinating evidence to examine. Though UFO sightings occur at random in different states, the updated National UFO Alert Rating System identified California, Texas and Florida as the highest reporting states in February with the UFO Alert 3. California leads the high-reporting state in February with 53 filed cases while Texas has 45 and Florida has 30.

States with the UFO Alert 4 category include Virginia, Indiana, New York and Georgia where more than 13 reports are filed to the MUFON. The other states with the UFO Alert 5 category due to lesser reports filed on UFO sightings are North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Colorado.

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