UFO Sightings: Witness Spotted Mysterious Fuzzy White Orb in San Antonio, Texas [VIDEO]

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Witness Mario Vallejo shared his UFO sighting experience through a captured video on the alien watch site Lasest-UFO-Sightings.net as well as YouTube. Mr Vallejo spotted a mysterious fuzzy white orb on Saturday, August 10, traveling across the skies of San Antonio, Texas.

According to the posted video, the mysterious orb was moving southwest on a low altitude. Mario Vallejo revealed that he was able to capture the UFO sighting with the use of the "skyfishing" technique. Have a look at the YouTube video below of the mysterious UFO orb captured through skyfishing technique over San Antonio, Texas on August 10.

The skyfishing technique is done by leaving a video camera on record mode in some reference points. The YouTube video details claim that the camera used to capture the San Antonio UFO sighting was hidden and left to record the skies for an hour with the hopes of documenting the mysterious orb.

"To me it's an orb and I've been seeing these things a lot around here," Mr Vallejo shared. He further added to Kens5 regarding the San Antonio UFO video: "In my opinion, this Orb is clearly not an aircraft or weather balloon/satellite. I really don't know what they are."

More details were noted in the YouTube video of the recent San Antonio UFO sighting. Mr Vallejo's description of his video recording reads: "This orb was captured only for a couple of seconds. You will clearly see this U.F.O traveling low in altitude with some reference points such as tree tops. This time I manage to get some nice/steady Footage. You can clearly see this U.F.O traveling on its own power. After reviewing the footage several times, using filters such as 100XZOOM, a U.F.O ORB can be observed. Orb was traveling low altitude and on its own power not blown by the wind."

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