UFO Sightings: Witness Spotted Mysterious Flying Saucer Over a Guernsey College

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A witness identified as Denise Poole shared her puzzling UFO sighting experience of a mysterious flying saucer floating over a nearby Guernsey college in the UK. The 52-year-old witness recounted that she spotted the unidentified flying object in her daily live weather Webcam feed.

In the Business Standard report, Denise Poole divulged about thinking she was beginning to see things after the UFO sightings at her home island of Guernsey. The witness claimed the object she spotted was slowly moving across the screen, disappeared and then showed up again on the screen afterwards.

The shared images on Ms Poole's UFO sighting showed a glowing orb with a striking red line running from side to side of the blue disc. Click HERE to see photos.  

Ms Poole further shared details of her UFO sighting in the Daily Star report. "There was this thing hovering in the sky. It looked as if it was spinning. I thought I was seeing things. Every now and again it went away and then came back again. I thought 'crumbs nobody will believe me' so I took a few pictures on my phone," Denise revealed.

The report noted that the witness even shared the images to the UFO sighting on her Facebook page with the mysterious object vanishing from view. The witness admitted that the object she spotted was a mysterious object and she is still uncertain what it really was.

"It could well be the glare from sun but even so it's a pretty spooky image," Denise Poole stated. This UFO sighting comes two months after a pilot's UFO sighting experience while flying towards Heathrow Airport. "The captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft," the statement on the UFO sighting read.

Additionally, the photo slides of UFOs have been released about a couple of weeks ago in the mix of Edward Snowden's leaked security files. As for Denise Poole's UFO sighting experience, the police verified that there were no reports of strange sightings on Sunday morning, March 23, after the witness spotted the mysterious object over Elizabeth College in St Peter Port.

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