UFO Sightings: Triangle-Shaped Mass of Lights Spotted in Houston, Texas


In the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, an unnamed witness reported spotting "very large triangle-shaped mass of lights moving very swiftly from southeast to northeast in a straight line" in Houston, Texas on Sunday, April 7. The witness revealed the UFO sighting occurred at around 3:33 a.m. in the backyard.  

"The wide end of the triangle was in the front and the narrow end was at the back. At least 12 circular lights. Object looked almost translucent like it had no color to it except the lights which were a dull white. I lost sight of it very quickly," the witness recounted.

The witness further added that the unidentified flying object appeared to be soundless. "If I had to guess the size, it was easily a half a city block long," the witness stated. Unfortunately, the witness was not able to provide any image or video on the UFO sighting filed as Case No. 46653 at MUFON's witness database.

On April 4, the National UFO ALERT Rating System has been updated and Texas was given the UFO Alert 3 rating. MUFON released as well the statistics of the highest reporting states that filed UFO sightings for the month of March.

California is at the top spot with 59 UFO sighting cases filed followed by Florida with 30 cases then New York with 26 cases and Texas recorded 26 cases. The states with UFO Alert 4 rating with over 13 UFO sighting cases reported include Michigan, Arizona, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Oregon.

The UFO cases filed in these states range from unidentified entities observed as either landings, object suspension in the air or takeoffs. UFO sightings occur randomly in different locations and the alert rating system plus statistics provide information as to where the witnesses encountered the incident and how often at a certain period of time.

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