UFO Sightings: Three Round Metal Objects Falls from the Sky in Heilongjiang, China

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In China, witnesses from the Heilongjiang province reported three unidentified objects falling from the sky and crashing on the village grounds at around 6 am last Friday, May 16. Some of the witnesses claimed they saw a "fireball" and heard a "loud, piercing noise" before the UFOs hit the ground, particularly a vegetable garden of one villager.

The residents captured images of the three objects and the photos showed round, metal objects 70 cm in diameter with a layer of jagged edges weighing approximately 40 kilograms. According to the shanghaiist.com report, an unnamed police spokesman shared to AFP that an object with the size of a small plane was reported to be traveling at a very high speed giving off a reddish-green flame. Click HERE to see photos.

"I saw a huge ball of fire, I thought it was a meteorite. I hid inside my house and waited until the object has landed," one villager who lives close to the vegetable farm shared. Another male resident also shared the UFO sighting experience. "I don't know how big it was, but in the sky it looked like half a dozen jumbo jets falling out of the sky at the same time," the witness stated.

However, the China Topix report claims the unidentified objects spotted could be a part of the Russian rocket Proton-M that exploded in the air after lift-off last Friday while carrying an Express-AM4R communications satellite. The Sky Valley Chronicle further reported that the rocket launched at 3:42 am local time in Kazakhstan, which is 5:42 am in Beijing, and it failed 540 seconds into the flight at an altitude just about 100 miles.   

It has not yet been confirmed if the objects were part of the Russian rocket and its cargo that burned up in the atmosphere. The Russian Federal Space Agency claimed that part of the rocket may be in a "non-intended orbit" and the small pieces that fell down on Earth should not cause any damage to the houses or residents.  

Chinese scientists were already set out to the Heilongjiang province to conduct tests on the unidentified objects. "Nothing dangerous has been found so far," the local authorities further added.

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