UFO Sightings: Strange Craft Filmed Zooming Past Passenger Plane [VIDEO]

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UFO sightings come in many shapes and forms, but here's one that is remarkably fast. A strange flying object was captured zooming past a passenger plane and a jet from a distance. A young boy's startled reaction was also caught in the background.

RealUFOs.net picked a YouTube video posted by JoinOurBandOfBelief. The organization supposedly accepts sighting reports from UFO watchers who do not wish to be named. Without some details, however, the skeptic would remain a skeptic even after seeing the video.

'Superfast' UFO Sighting Filmed by Commercial Flight Passenger (Image:YouTube)

The UFO video has not gone viral, but a number of comments suggest many viewers have been stunned by the video.

"This footage was just sent to us last night [Feb. 1] and was shot while on a flight to Massachusetts Jan 2013. Thank you for this great video," reads the UFO video description.

The UFO clip starts with an image of a plane passenger's wing, then the camera moves to take a peek on the ground, establishing a completed take-off. The camera then screens the sky to spy a jet flying parallel to the plane from a distance. At this point, a strange aircraft just zoomed past the passenger plane and startled a young boy.

All the boy could say was, "Whoa, did you see that?" Scroll down to play the video and see for yourself. There are two videos below, both from JoinOurBand. The second video has similar qualities to the first - both feature some very fast moving aircraft. Skeptics could find these clips easy to dismiss, while UFO believers look closely to find some answers.

VIDEO 1: "UFO Video From Airplane Window .....Awesome"

VIDEO 2: "Fast UFO CAUGHT ON VIDEO 2013 Europe"

What do you think of these UFO-linked videos?

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