UFO Sightings: Strange Bird-Like UFOs Appeared in Mexico [VIDEO]


Numerous social media web sites have reported about strange bird-like UFOs captured on camera in Mexico. YouTube username "pisosmadera" posted the video footage titled "'UFO,S Incredible Fleet synchronized OVNIS oleada Enero 203 mexico" captured on January 26, 2013 and it immediately went viral with over 200,000 viewers.

In the video, eight UFOs were seen flying in a synchronized manner. The strange objects modify flight movements in the Mexican sky like they were being intelligently controlled.

There is a possibility that these UFOs are nothing but some unknown mechanical aircraft but some reports suggest that the objects are a flock of birds. Several birds have the capability to move smoothly through the sky for long periods of time without flapping their wings and the American white pelican is an example. The white pelican has a striking resemblance to the strange flying objects in the video footage.

"American white pelicans fly gracefully, spreading their wings and sliding onto the water on their feet as they land. Flight is usually in linear formations or forming a 'V'. They flap and glide and may soar on days when they can take advantage of updrafts," the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology explained.

However, the web site UFO Sightings Daily disagrees and firmly believes these bird-like UFOs are aircrafts being tested. The web site wrote: "At first glance I made the mistake of assuming this was a video of seagulls. I was mistaken. Not a single one of them flap like a bird would. These objects appear to be a fleet of UFOs or even possibly DARPA drones being tested in Mexico. Notice how the UFOs or drones synchronize in flight and clearly show that they are controlled by intelligence. They also look a little like the secret aircraft the TR3B."

Check out the video footage below that shows the bird-like UFO sightings in Mexico.

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