UFO Sightings: Rotating Object Spotted Flying Over London, Witness Shared Captured Images on Facebook

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An unidentified witness captured images and a video of a UFO sighting over London, England last Monday afternoon, April 28. The object spotted has been described as weird and rotating as it flew over Islington, north London and the witness decided to share the images on Facebook under the name Mixtris UFO-images.

The witness revealed in the Mirror report that the UFO sighting happened at about 1:30 pm in North London. Click HERE to see the photo gallery of the strange object in the sky over North London.

"I captured this object a couple of streets away from where I live. The object appeared black in colour and was rotating as it moved along. I captured nearly 5 minutes of video before I lost sight of it floating in the direction of Highbury & Islington. I'm not sure what this object is. I thought it was a balloon, but there appears to be a light on it," the witness wrote as a description on the social networking site. Click HERE to watch the witness' five-minute video recording of the aerial object spotted over London.

The witness further stated that the spotted UFO was half a mile away and more or less 500 - 1000 feet off the ground. The unidentified flying object is not the first UFO sighting reported in Islington. According to the Islington Gazette report, no less than four UFO sightings were reported in a single year.

One anonymous witness recounted to the paper about spotting a "round luminous object over the green." The object has been described to be "pretty big and flying quite low and slowly" before disappearing into the clouds.  

Another unnamed witness reported the experience of spotting a "strange object with bright lights, moving like hovercraft suddenly changing direction very quickly." However, the Open Minds UFO News and Investigations report claims that the black object's appearance strongly resembles the helium-filled, remote-controlled shark toy.

Though these shark toys were made for indoor use only, there have been reports that the remote-controlled object can break away from home and just drift up because the remote control is out of range. The Open Minds report further noted two UFO sightings reported that could be the helium-filled shark toy.

The Daily Record reported about a passenger plane that nearly bumped with a UFO over Glasgow, Scotland back in December 2012. A local resident came across the report and reacted to the paper that his son lost his six-foot-long, remote-controlled shark toy approximately the same time as the incident took place. Another UFO sighting was captured on video last March 2012 in Ohio and the remote-controlled shark toy was suggested as well as the object spotted in the footage that a twelve-year-old girl captured.

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