UFO Sightings: Research Organization's Study in Canada Reveal Number of UFO Sightings Remain High

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The study of a research organization based in Winnipeg, Canada revealed that the number of reports on UFO sightings remain high. The analysis released on Tuesday, March 11, included over 1,000 reports filed on UFOS in 2013.

"There were 1,180 UFO sightings reported in 2013, or about three each day," stated the annual Canadian UFO Survey that the Winnipeg-based UFOlogy Research of Manitoba recently released. However, the reported cases in 2013 are lower compared to the recorded reports in 2012.

"The peak year was 2012, when almost 2,000 reports were recorded," the CBCNews reported. UFOlogy Research director Chris Rutkowski offered an explanation to what caused the spike of UFO sighting reports in 2012 and it was likely due to the people reacting to the end-of-the-world scare from the Mayan Calendar.

According to the Winnipeg Sun report, Ontario had over 40% of the entire Canadian UFO reports in 2013. Approximately 14% of the 2013 UFO reports have been classified as unexplained and the typical 2013 UFO sighting lasted for about 13 minutes.

Results of the organization's study illustrate that several witnesses, including pilots and police, continue to file reports on unusual objects spotted in the sky with some not having any clear explanation. For the flow of UFO sighting reports in 2013, Chris Rutkowski suggested a number of theories.

Listed below are the theories:

1.       More UFOs are present that witnesses can physically observe.

2.       More secret or classified military exercises and overflights conducted on populated areas.

3.       More people unaware on the nature of conventional or natural objects up in the sky.

4.       More people taking their time to make observations on their surroundings.

5.       More people having the ability to file reports on their UFO sightings through easier access on the Internet and portable technology.

The CBC News report in 2013 claimed that the Canadian government has decided to stop chasing the unidentified flying objects. Different federal agencies used to track and investigate on the UFO sightings like Transport Canada, the RCMP and the Department of National Defence.

Now, the agencies pass any information received on UFO sightings to Chris Rutkowski who produced the Canadian UFO survey since 1989. "The results show many people continue to report unusual objects in the sky, and some of these objects do not have obvious explanations," Mr Rutkowski stated during a press release.

The UFOlogy Research director further added: "Many witnesses are pilots, police and other individuals with reasonably good observing capabilities and good judgment." The organization declared in their analysis release that the overall increasing trend on UFO reports every year suggests the need for further study on the phenomenon through social, medical and/or physical scientists. To access the study, click this link: http://survey.canadianuforeport.com.

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