UFO Sightings: Mysterious Orb Hovering on a Lake in Netherlands, Shared YouTube Videos Show Other UFO Sightings

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Another UFO sighting was reported last Saturday, July 28, which took place in the Netherlands. The UFO Sightings Daily reported that a mysterious orb hovering on a lake baffled a group of young people who witnessed the rare phenomenon.

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Scott Waring of the UFO Sightings Daily reported how the witnesses came across the unidentified flying object in the area. "A bunch of kids were spending the evening at a lake in Netherlands when they saw a dancing orb in the sky," Mr Waring stated.

"I did notice that in a few parts that there seems to be four separate lights and then it switches to one solid glow," he said further, shared his insight regarding what he noticed with the mysterious dancing orb. In his report at the UFO Sightings Daily Web site, Scott Waring shared as well a captured image of the UFO sighting together with a YouTube video for online users to view.

"This orb looks similar to the other orbs that have been seen racing thought he sky this month," Mr Waring, who had been associated with the United States Air Force (USAF fight line) at the SAC base, declared while comparing the UFO to other latest sightings.

This UFO sighting was not the first in the Netherlands. Two more YouTube videos were posted to share the puzzling UFO sighting experience. In one video, a group of people were just hanging out on the beach near Waddenzee, the Netherlands, when the mysterious object suddenly popped up in the sky.

According to the YouTube video post, the witnesses spotted the UFO last July 26 while they were in the middle of nowhere, since the nearest town was 14 km away. Another shared video revealed the UFO sighting in the Netherlands through the official Dutch television program "Nederland van Boven."

Watch the YouTube videos below of the two UFO sightings that occurred in the Netherlands.

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