UFO Sightings: MUFON Solves Another Mystery in Cape Coral, Florida [PHOTOS]


In Florida, residents were recently stunned with strange unidentified flying objects in the dark sky hovering over the waters of Cape Coral.  The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), whose mission is to monitor and study UFO activities, was quick to solve the mystery in the area.  

Witness Pete Maccio, a Cape Coral resident, admitted that he had seen the strange lights flicker in the early hours of the morning at the South Cape.  "I never saw anything like that before. They were small lights that hovered over the water at slow sleep and then they disappeared," Maccio stated.

Pete Maccio and the other Cape Coral residents considered alien life form existed as the UFOs appeared over the yacht club. However, it turns out the culprit behind the reported strange lights could be the sky lanterns.

According to MUFON, most of the reported cases of UFOs were explained with the use of sky lanterns. The increasingly trendy device uses hot air in order to drift at a high distance in the sky.

Chris Whited, the American Discount Firework store owner at Fort Myers, sells these products to his customers and confirmed that some people can mistake the sky lantern for a UFO. The store owner appears to agree with MUFON's explanation and even shared his personal experience upon seeing a sky lantern for the first time from a distance.

Chris revealed that he was perplexed so he took a second look at the object in the sky. "They're going to think this is a UFO. It will get to where it's a pen prick of light because of the distance and height," Chris stated.

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