UFO Sightings: MUFON Recounts UFO Reports of Witnesses from Kendall and Kentucky


The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) recounts the reports of witnesses that bravely stepped forward to share their UFO sighting experiences. A Kendall resident reported the UFO sighting at Bristol Township on Saturday night while a Kentucky resident expressed family concern after frequent UFO sightings.

The male Kendall resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, shared to MUFON that his family saw from their home two lights moving in the east to northeast direction with colors ranging from red, orange, yellow to pink.

"The lights were together either one in front of the other or side by side and going at a pretty good clip and in the eastern sky. Eventually, one fizzled out and the other lasted a few more moments and appeared to also fizzle out," the man shared.

When asked to describe the UFOs movement, the man added: "Their symmetry was they stayed at the same distance from one another, never straying apart from each other at all. I've never seen a UFO like that at all before. When it happens to you, it makes you stop."

At the MUFON witness reporting database dated February 25, an unidentified Kentucky witness stated: "I am becoming concerned for my family's well being as sightings are more frequent and closer." The witness has already filed numerous reports on UFO sightings that occurred on February 16, 20, 24 and 25 during the early morning hours.

According to the witness, two UFOs were moving slowly from east to west and southwest. "They appear as bright stars until you see them move. They have multi-colored lights that are red, blue, green, and white/yellow that blink randomly and last night I noticed they tip on side revealing a round, disc-shape bottom with a ring of green lights rotating around the object," the Kentucky witness shared.

The witness further described the UFOs based on their movements stating: "They are from a hovering standstill, to a slow linear path, to a wobbling side-to-side, possibly small circles, up and down in elevation, usually from east to west-southwest or once northwest."

Unfortunately, no photographs or videos were taken to submit as evidence with the MUFON witness file report. The Kentucky witness admitted that they only used 8x rifle scope and binoculars to view the UFOs because their camcorder needs to be fixed.

Kentucky is currently at UFO ALERT 5 rating with 8 reports filed in January 2013 which makes it the 21st highest reporting state. California had filed 75 UFO sightings reports making it the highest reporting state in the nation.

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