UFO Sightings: MUFON Experts Solve Mystery in Cotulla, Texas [PHOTOS]


Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) has been receiving phone calls from startled residents of Cotulla, Texas who reported numerous UFO sightings in the area. The organization claims that their experts can solve the mystery surrounding the unidentified flying objects recently caught on camera.

Local TV station KENS5 reported the UFO activity in Cotulla caught the attention of MUFON. John Cross, a MUFON expert, was sent out to investigate and give details about the accounted sightings.

MUFON estimated they can explain most of the UFO photographs and video footages that surfaced on YouTube but the remaining evidence motivates the group to offer definite answers. "Probably the fireballs, we're not real sure what those are. We think they switched over to jet-powered drones," investigator John Cross stated.

"It really doesn't display any unusual flight patterns of any kind, and as you watch the video towards the end you can clearly see all three of the beacons on the aircraft," Cross added.

In another surveillance photo obtained from an oil field, a classic flying saucer was visible landing on the field with its light apparently surrounding it outer covering. However, the MUFON investigator finds the image was caught on a peculiar angle.

Based on his training and expertise on UFOs, John Cross explained the mysterious flying saucer photo. "The saucer object on the security footage may be a time-lapse photo of a vehicle passing by with a blinking turn signal causing the light effect on the UFO," Cross stated.

Though the Cotulla residents are astounded with the UFO sightings, they are still eager to monitor the dark skies and file the UFO activities with their video surveillance or mobile phone cameras. Meanwhile, MUFON confirmed that Texas, California and Detroit are currently the center of UFO sightings.

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