UFO Sightings: High School Student Photographed UFO in Thailand


Eighth grade student Thidarat Boonlee created internet buzz with her photograph of an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over Sawang Dindaeng School in Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.  The photograph was taken during the outdoor activities of the school in celebration of their Sports Day last December 25.

Thidarat Boonlee used her mobile phone in taking pictures as souvenirs of the school's important event. According to The Phuket News, Thidarat Boonlee took a picture of her friends seated on the grandstand at 2 p.m.

The student was startled to see a "flying saucer" in her picture. Thidarat Boonlee decided to photograph again the grandstand but the UFO failed to make a second appearance.

Weerayos Yuttarin, the English school teacher, claims Thidarat Boonle has no capability of making up stories since she is a well-behaved student in school. "I heard many teachers talking about their UFO experience on the same day but I did not believe since there was no concrete evidence," Yuttarin stated.

Weerayos Yuttarin noted that townhouses were located behind the coconut trees as the school teacher observed the UFO photograph. According to Yuttarin, these townhouses are not over three stories high.

This particular UFO appears to have a very classic appearance. In the photograph, the UFO looks similar with the "flying saucer" on the well-known Adamski picture taken during the 1950s in California which turned out to be the hubcap of a truck.

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