UFO Sightings: Google Earth Captures a Pink UFO with Alien Head Sticking Out Over Trout Creek, Montana [WATCH VIDEO]

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An unnamed witness in Newfoundland spotted a pink UFO over Trout Creek, Montana while browsing on Google Earth. The UFO sighting reached Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily and the UFO hunter uploaded a YouTube video to discuss the captured Google Earth image that shows the UFO and apparently its alien passenger.

Scott Waring revealed in the YouTube video uploaded on Friday, June 13, that he got the report about the UFO sighting via Google Earth from the guy in Newfoundland. The UFO sighting in the area stunned the UFO hunter because the image captured reveals an alien with its head sticking out of the UFO.

"I investigated it and took a few screenshots which revealed something that was not first apparent...there is an alien head sticking out from the UFO!" Waring's description reads in the YouTube video titled "UFO with Alien Head Sticking Out on Google Earth Map." Scott Waring further added that he is blown away with the screenshots because it serves real proof on alien existence.

"I thought it was just a UFO, but this head sticking out is proof that not all UFOs are ET drones, but some are controlled and flown by actual aliens," Waring continued in the video description. In the Metro report, Scott Waring gave the interested viewers his step-by-step guide in observing the alien encounter up in the skies of Montana.

Scott Waring's six-minute video on the Google Earth UFO sighting has already reached over 200,000 views. The member of the UFOlogy Web site sounds convinced that the alien's grey head is sticking out from the top of its spaceship.

"You can see there is an object with a roundish head on it sticking out from the top. The curvature looks like a huge cranium. A giant head with a small chin area," Waring stated. However, the Open Minds UFO News and Investigations report noted down that the strange appearance of the pink UFO and its passenger is a "simple, but classic lens flare" as photo-video analyst Marc D'Antonio explained to Huffington Post journalist Lee Speigel in 2012 on the subject of pink UFOs photographed.

The Metro report further noted that Scott Waring was taken with the UFO sighting on Google Map that he created a video so that everyone can have a look at it. Waring even asked for the UFO sighting on Google Earth to be recorded and uploaded on YouTube in order for more people to see it. "Or just copy my video and share it... I'm cool with that. This way the UFO even if it gets deleted will have evidence of it existing in many videos," Waring posted on the uploaded YouTube video description.

Credit: YouTube/Scott Waring

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