UFO Sightings: Glowing UFO Spotted in Chile, Analysis on Captured Photos Released

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A glowing UFO was spotted over Terapaca, Chile and the Minera Collahuasi workers captured the sighting that reportedly lasted for over two hours. The Chilean government office that conducts UFO investigations released the analysis on the two high quality photos captured apparently showing genuine UFOs over a remote copper mine.

According to the Inquisitr report, there were four witnesses that saw a disc-shaped object for approximately one hour back in Apr 2013. The unidentified flying object was described as a flattened disc with 5 to 10 meters diameter, brilliant colour and horizontal, ascending and descending movements up in the sky.

One unnamed technician managed to capture the UFO photos with the Kenox Samsung S860 camera but the photographer and the rest of the witnesses did not want to talk about the UFO sighting experience. As for the captured images, they ended up in CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), which is Chile's version of the U.S. FAA, where an investigation on the UFO sighting was conducted.

At the time of the UFO sighting, it has been confirmed that there was an absolute clear sky and there were no drones operating near the copper mine. "People in that zone know about drones. Fishing companies use drones and they make a lot of noise. This was definitely not a drone," Jose Lay, the international affairs director for the CEFAA, stated in the HuffPost report.

The Ministerial Department of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC) ruled out as well any experimental aircraft like planes or weather balloons that could explain the glowing object spotted above. After the predictable explanations were eliminated, the CEFAA analyst and other staff concluded that the spotted object can be qualified as a UFO and the captured images were worthy of further analysis. Click HERE to see photos.

Retired General Ricardo Bermudez, the director of the CEFAA, claimed that the government office must still be cautious since the result is a "determination of only one CEFFA analyst among several." Additionally, the CEFAA staff is also aware of the limitations on the Minera Collahuasi case.

Jose Lay pointed out that the analysis may be strong but the four witnesses were not willing to cooperate. "We tried to contact them, and we got no reply. So we treated the material just as we have treated several others of the same or similar nature: we file them for future reference or comparison purposes. That's all we can do in this case," Lay explained.

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