UFO Sightings: 'Ghostbusters' Actor Dan Aykroyd Recounts Personal UFO Sighting, Recommends MUFON at Crystal Head Vodka Signing [WATCH VIDEOS]

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"Ghostbusters" actor Dan Aykroyd recounted his personal UFO sighting experience and recommended MUFON as the Web site that people should go to in finding UFO reports during an interview at the Crystal Head Vodka signing event in Attleboro, Massachusetts. The YouTube video interview was published in 2011 but Dan Aykroyd's statements were interesting that it got reiterated in some reports.

The StarPulse.com Web site reports Dan Aykroyd talked about his paranormal investigations that led him to share the great and reliable sources for the aspiring UFO hunters while signing bottles for his vodka brand at a liquor store. The 61-year-old actor has been the official Hollywood representative of MUFON for years so he strongly recommends the Web site.

"I refer your viewers right now to the website MUFON.com . . . Mutual UFO Network . . . for everything that's going on in the area right now of that study," Aykroyd recommended to the people for an up to date research on UFOs. In the interview, the actor plugged as well the book of UFO researchers Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden titled "Captured: The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience."

The story of the book focuses on most of the well-publicized supposed alien abduction and there have been speculations as well that Dan Aykroyd is developing a film on the Betty and Barney Hill UFO experience.

Another UFO sighting that Dan Aykroyd mentioned is the Tinley Park UFO sightings in Illinois that UFO investigator Sam Maranto and the state director of MUFON Illinois chapter researched. "This is where the big black triangles park over people's barbecues for about ten minutes and let them take pictures, and then they move on very slowly across the suburbs. Thousands of people saw these in Tinley Park, Illinois over the last two years starting in '05 to '07," Aykroyd described the UFO sighting.

When asked about his personal UFO sighting experience, Dan Aykroyd shared that he has observed two UFOs estimated to be flying at 100,000 feet and 20,000 miles per hour over Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. The actor further claimed that there were three other witnesses who spotted the unidentified crafts.

The Open Minds UFO News and Investigations interviewed Dan Aykroyd as well where he made comments about the existence of UFOs. The actor, who appeared in the documentary titled "Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs" in 2005, has always been fascinated with UFOs and other paranormal happenings so he follows the latest UFO news, cases or related research. Have a look at the shared YouTube videos below.

Credit: YouTube/David Angell

Credit: YouTube/Open Minds Production

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