UFO Sightings: Commercial Pilot Captures Photo of UFO in Caloundra, Queensland

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An experienced commercial pilot was left baffled last Good Friday, April 18, after witnessing and capturing an image of a mysterious in-flight object over Caloundra in Queensland, Australia. The witness revealed in the Sunshine Coast Daily report that the UFO sighting occurred at about 8 pm while admiring the night sky with a number of friends.

The appearance and movement of the lights made the 30-year commercial pilot think that the objects were Chinese lanterns getting higher in the south sky before heading east. However, the third light with a warm orange glow that suddenly appeared and changed direction made the self-confessed skeptic witness question his belief on UFOs.

"We were looking for an identifier; a beacon or strobe light but there wasn't any. I thought it had the characteristics of an object that could fly and I was curious as to what the lights were," the unnamed commercial pilot recounted.

The Sunshine Coast Daily report described the unusual light in the image that the witness captured to be having "wing tips" and the "slight outline of an aircraft body." Click HERE to see photo.

Airplanes and helicopters were reportedly around the area but the witness affirmed that none of those aircrafts moved in the same flight pattern of the unidentified flying object. The commercial pilot accepted that the UFO sighting with his friends may have been a military operation but believes that chances are small.  

"I have heard of and seen many, many things in my career and have flown all over the world but nothing like this. I think it is fascinating and if there is some credibility to it... it has changed my mind that there could be something else out there," the witness explained.

The veteran commercial pilot wants to remain anonymous after reporting the UFO sighting that he had never seen through the cockpit window. According to the openminds.tv report, anonymity is common among pilots because they know that talking about UFOs can make them sound crazy and unfit for aircraft duty. "Many pilots who witness UFOs never come forward because of this fear of losing their jobs," the report noted.

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