UFO Sightings: Cluster of Lights Spotted Over Wales, Paranormal Investigator Launches Information Appeal from Other Witnesses on Facebook

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Paranormal investigator Gavin Davies spotted a cluster of lights over Haverfordwest in Wales last Thursday night, June 5. The UFO sighting had the witness launching an appeal on social networking site Facebook for other witnesses to share their experience or any information on the unidentified cluster of lights spotted over Wales.

Gavin Davies revealed in the Mirror report that he spotted the lights while he was in bed on Thursday evening. The unidentified object has been described to be one large bright light with two smaller lights surrounding the big one as it headed in the east direction flying off at speed.

"You obviously think 'what could it be?'" Davies stated. The witness added that his immediate suspicion on the object in the sky was the International Space Station.

"But I checked and it had already passed. There were smaller lights that traveled towards it and moved round it," Davies recounted the UFO sighting experience. Then, Gavin Davies decided to launch an appeal on Facebook for other witnesses to come forward and share their experience, captured images or video recordings on the cluster of lights that appeared that night over Wales.

"I went on Facebook and asked if anyone had seen it," the paranormal investigator shared. Gavin Davies, who runs the Paranormal Chronicles Web site revealed that he received several responses from other people who saw the cluster of lights.

The Carmarthen Journal noted that there was a couple from St Clears area that they saw the cluster of lights travelling towards them. Another unnamed witness from Narberth shared that the sighting of the cluster of lights occurred at 11:10 pm.

Gavin Davies hopes that there will be someone who can share a captured image or film of the spotted cluster of lights. The Paranormal Chronicles Web site post on the Canada Journal report claims the spotted object was "too bright and large to be a Chinese lantern." Additionally, the unidentified object made "drastic" course changes during the sighting.

"No sound was heard coming from the object. The smaller lights 'Buzzing' it have not been identified as of yet. If you have any information or able to get film or photographic documentation then please contact the Paranormal Chronicles at: Paranormalchronicles@aol.com," the Paranormal Chronicles Web site post further reads.

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