UFO Sightings: Australian TV Production Crew Captures on Film Two UFOs in Queenstown, New Zealand [WATCH VIDEO]

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Crew members of an Australian TV production has captured on film the sighting of two UFOs swiftly flying over Queenstown, New Zealand. The Australian TV production crew was in New Zealand to film for the seventh season of "Colour In Your Life" series.

Producer and presenter Graeme Stevenson together with director Sophia Stacey were filming the show's opening sequence last April 3 in Queenstown, New Zealand. The appearance of the two mysterious objects were noticed when the filming team started to review the edited footage.

"Colour In Your Life" has issued a press release on Monday, May 12, to explain the captured UFO sighting. The press release in the Open Minds UFO News and Investigations report reads: "In the past week, when editing of the episode was complete Graeme noticed something strange in a wide shot - two objects travelling from left to right of the screen at great speed. When the images were slowed to a frame by frame sequence you could see the shapes emerge from the trees and move across the sky, eventually disappearing."

"Colour In Your Life" continued to share their UFO sighting experience on their Facebook page. The description to the shared video reads: "Well guys this is about as weird as you could get. It looks like we may have filmed some UFO's when we were in New Zealand."

With birds suggested as the possible explanation to the UFO sighting, "Colour In Your Life" further commented on Facebook discussing the speed of the objects spotted. "From the trees to where I was on the bike is about a half a kilometer , if you look at the speed in real time that means that if it were birds they would have accelerated to about 4,000 kilometers an hour in one second," the "Colour In Your Life" crew posted on Facebook.

In the Morning Bulletin report, "Colour In Your Life" further noted on their Facebook page that the Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird in the world capable of reaching speeds of 200mph in a dive so birds could not have been what they captured while filming. Some people have suggested that the objects could have been military aircrafts but the crew pointed out the UFOs unbelievable speed since there are no jets that can move that fast and there were no nearby air bases from where they were filming.

Graeme Stevenson conducted a Google search on "UFO sightings" and discovered that there was a similar sighting that got recorded in Holland the same week that the "Colour In Your Life" crew captured the UFOs. Have a look at the YouTube video below of the "Colour In Your Life" crew UFO sighting titled "Amazing UFO's in the skies of New Zealand."

Credit: YouTube/Graeme Stevenson

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