UFO Sightings Accounted Close to NASA’s International Space Station [PHOTOS]


Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were making numerous appearances close to NASA's International Space Stations (ISS). The footages have been posted on YouTube to show the public images of different shapes and sizes of UFOs captured from the NASA cameras.

Some UFOs captured in the video were moving slowly while others swiftly shoot across space hundreds of miles away from planet Earth. Username "Streetcap1" posted two videos on YouTube where the UFOs' movement can be seen.

In the first video published on November 28, 2012, one circular-shaped object was spotted along with a disc-shaped object just outside of the ISS. The second video published on January 14, 2013 shows a cigar-shaped object spotted again near the space station.

The videos can be watched on the following links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmdYoclm6dQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAdQMbVkrcl. UFO sightings in space have already been reported in the past but there is more increase in space activity encounter recently.

James Oberg, a former space engineer specializing in NASA space shuttle operations, declared UFO sightings has been occurring since the first human spaceflight. "Spacecraft-generated 'dandruff' has been seen since the very first human spaceflights, when the non-intuitive relative motions and impossible-to-judge distances in the earthly environment of outer space tricked observers into misinterpreting visual stimuli," Oberg said.

"It shouldn't be surprising that only half centuries later, most folks watching YouTube videos are still totally flummoxed by what they understandably and excusably can't comprehend," Oberg further added.

Now working as the NBC News Space Consultant, James Oberg thinks it is important that people keep on monitoring camera feeds. Whatever visual information gathered can be helpful in preventing technical problems that can happen at the International Space Station.   

"It's good to keep scanning space video for possible anomalies and reporting them quickly. The reason is, there is always a real chance that it could be a genuine anomaly, either a spacecraft malfunction or other threat, expected or unexpected. In the past, missions have failed because a clue that should have been seen out the window was overlooked," Oberg stated.

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